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Thank you to everyone who bought parts from my parts car and from my inventory of new parts for Duettos, and other 105s.
Let me know the parts you are interested in and I will get you a photo and best description I can give of the part(s). The prices on the “New Part List” should not need a photo. They are just that, new. The parts marked “not tested” will be tested to the best of my ability as I get time, or when someone is interested in a particular part. I will always call it as I see it. You do not want to send back parts and I don’t want to get the parts back. The list pricing came from catalogs that are 2 to five years old and from Classic Alfa in Europe. I am sure that you could find pricing that is different from what I posted. Hopefully the price you found is higher. Sometimes prices for even new parts go down. I ask that you give me a chance to compete with that price. I don't always have it right the first time. You can communicate with me via the ABB by private message to Euro Spider 79, by email at [email protected], or call me at 870-499-7707

This will be harder to read than I planned on. The columns will not align. You will have to look a little harder for the "list price" and "your price". What you want to look at is the price at the end of the listing. Alignment looks good when entered, but comes out without proper spacing.

Used Parts List Price / Your Price

Heater for 105 $125
Duetto Steering column and Box $150
Front Spindles from Duetto & dunlop mount $70 @
4 BWA wheels w/ centers, W/orWO good tires $200
Duetto switches $25
Duetto kick panels pass and driver $50 with map holder $90
Duetto Fuse box with cover and decal $150
Seats, original, slight rust on bottom of passenger sde N/A Both $400
plasstic B pillar cover, Passenger/Driver side $45
2 doors, L&R with glass and wing windows, $760-$975 @ $350
Door handles, interior $120 @ $40
Hood latch N/A $15
Generator, not inspected $265 $80
Starter, not tested $276 sold $100
TRANS TUNNEL HOUSINGand rubber for tunnel, no tears $45
A pillar cover on insides of windshield of Kamtail $100 both $50
Oil filter housing + two filter elements N/A $35
Fan for 1600 $42 $20
Thermostat Housing and thermostat N/A $35
Oil sump pan $289 $80
Interior upper door trim NA L/R @ $30
Crank, Main bearing N/A $85
Panel with map, service coupon) holder (passenger side) N/A $75
Panel with map, service coupon) holder (Driver side) n/a $75
Cover for differential, like new N/A $25
Engine oil pump $239-419 $80
Oil pan guard, used Duetto $119 $35
Blaupunkt am/fm, Frankfort radio, prof reconditioned $550 $425
Handgrip Passenger side N/A $10
Shift boot, inner and metal tunnel cover $80 $20
Clutch pressure plate $249 $90
Clutch friction plate $50 $10
Inner door pull $56 $10
Outer door handle set L&R, need plating $429 both $60
Lens tube nuts (10) $7.50 @ $3
Fan for 1600 $41 (2)@ $24
Sun Visors, L & R $75 @ $20
Wiper motor and rack assembly (not tested) $600+ $275
Map Holder pocket N/A $50

Rare and Original steering wheel Alfa Romeo Spider 1600 first series
“osso di Seppia”, Giulia Sprint GT Veloce and Giulia 1600 Super
Bollo Oro, never restored, no cracking, mint. N/A $425

New Parts List Your price

Wheel bearings front and rear per wheel $50 per wheel $30
Velocity stacks for carbs (4) N/A 60
Gas tank, new, $296 $150
Oil pan guard, new $119 $75
Differential cover, new N/A $15
Drive Shaft, new $391 $265
Spare tire wheel well, new N/A $95
Disc Brake Pads, 2 boxes $70 @ $45
Middle rocker panel, new $200 $100
Floor panel sections, new $300+ $110
“Alfa Romeo” Script separate words $90 $70
Carb support strut $55 $40
Transmission mounts $60 $30

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Any chance you would have the complete glovebox lock mechanism (lock and whatever it latches to on the dash), for a 1969 spider? Also would like the passenger side interior plastic kick panel, plastic steering column housing, and plastic interior windshield frame components.



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On the inside passenger kick panel, do you want one with the map holder? I have one. also have the plastic clamshell that goes around the steering column. Both items are in excellent condition.

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I bought a part from Jim and I am very happy with the part, the price and Jim's communications.
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