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**NEW** Alfetta 116 gt Coupe Worldwide Registry.

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**NEW** Alfetta 116 gt/SV/GTV 4 cyl Coupe Worldwide Registry.

Here is the Link:

I added a couple of extra columns to store contact info and whether or not your car is for sale and also if you have any additional parts available that you might wanna sell/trade/donate etc.

Keep it clean...Enjoy
Sedans next mybe.
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Have a 79 Sprint Veloce VIN AR116150006726, 15,245 mi, Ivory w/ brown cloth fact A/c and Sunroof John M Santamaria 4829 Hwy 361, Evergreen La 71333
OK, I put mine in.
What about the existing registry that Jeff started?
Glenn...Thought it would be interesting to see how many 4 cyl 116 coupes were out there.
Does his include the 4 cyl's or just the V6's?...If so, I will delete this one.

Cheers, Peter
Excellent! It's about time a 4cyl one came along, I'll add mine tonight.
Also added a column which asks if your car is for sale (figured that it would be a quick way to find another "Fix) and also whether or not you have any parts for sale so that people know where to go to help keep theirs on the road.
OK. I've done my part.

Another added to the registry.

Would like to find an Ansa exhaust system in good shape, both center and rear. If anyone knows of such please let me know either here or [email protected] Thanks
Can we also post Alfetta Sedans as well? Don't want to add mine if it's not appropriate.
I'll add my 2 to the list or 3 if OK!!
This registry is a nice idea. I'm in. Not much action lately though.
I have also put my 1,8 GT in... Complete VIN will follow!

Is there a registry for the "normal" Alfetta's to?

Best Regard, Jacob
I have the honor of having a good Alfetta GT in my shop for restoration. For the first time , I have beened allowed to drive one a couple hundred miles and I am impressed ! These are great cars, very nimble, quick and a delight to drive! Throughout all my years as a 116 freak, I have driven over a half million miles in GTV6's, but never an Alfetta. I have bought 5 of them, but they always show up in such a bad state as to be undrivable. After driving Daniels, I now know I HAVE to have one !!;-}
I will make sure he lists his,,
Ah, another one sees the light. These cars have lived in the shadow of the 105`s for decades and I think they are a grossly underrated car. A good Euro 2 litre ersion goes almost as well as a GTV6. I even preferred it over my GTV6-the ideal car in my eyes would be the 1st series coupes (Euro GTV) with s/s bumpers etc and carburettored V6 engine (Alfa 6 engine) They are a cleaner looking design than the plasticky series 2 Alfetta coupes (GTV6 and GTV`s over here) and somehow to this owner look better quality and more exotic than the later cars. A well set up 2 litre car is quick and very nimble-all it lacks is that little extra top end punch and the fantastic noise you get with the V6 engine, in fact it is that beautiful sound if I am brutally honest which is the biggest attraction of the V6.
December 1976 , 38K , Red Alfa501 original paint.

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Glenn, I am glad you are enjoying it and very happy you will be making it better. I will add mine to the doc...

Richard J, my thoughts exactly. My Alfetta is currently in the process of returning to its Euro roots. It already has Euro cams and headers and a noisy Stebro exhaust but I am deleting the non-functioning AC, US side markers (and soe rust) and adding the Euro front indicators into the front panel and new paint. It already has the SS bumpers, 15x7 Ronals, Italian speedo unit in km/h...I grew up in Sydney and so the Alfetta only looks right this way.

And when I say I, I really mean HMA and co. I had delusions of doing the work myself. I will one day but I got impatient and want instant gratification. When in Rome...
Adding Alfetta GT 1,8 1976.

I agree with all above. I have driven good GTV6's but much prefer a well tuned 2 litre or 1,8. Feels lighter and quicker.
I can´t understand how these cars have been so underestimated?
Happy for this registry!
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