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NEW '64 to '66 GTA/V Carello Taillight Lenses

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Very RARE NOS '64 to '66 GTV Carello Taillight Lenses. Has been sitting on a shelf for decades. Has very minute hairline scratches that are hardly visible from sitting on a shelf but no cracks or chips. One lens have missing screws.
Comes with used reflectors but one of the removable reflectors has a broken screw which can be replaced easily. The other lens still has the factory sticker with an Alfa logo. Unfortunately, my camera can't take a close-up photo of it. This are NOT the wrap around type designed for the later model GTVs.
$250 or best offer plus shipping.
Please send me a PM if interested.
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Carello tailight lenses

pics. attached...


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Just to be sure, these are the red/red USA version?

Yes they are all red.
Tail lights

Bump! Bump! Bump!
tail lights

Sold! Thanks to everyone who sent inquiries.
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