Here`s the basics of the components used in the build. The entire build is covered from start to final run-in on the run stand in the link below. Engine has had 3 break in sessions at 2000 RPMs on the run stand.
Here`s the link to it`s full build thread:

Block & Head: 1975 "Spica/Weber block and head. Smaller race cathedral port head with opened valve seats(75 degree throat to 45 degree), large race valves (45/41mm) Head decked.040" to get 11.3 to 1 CR.
New water pump. Rebuilt factory oil pump with relief pressure of 70 PSI cold.

Cams are my RjR 1417 13.1mm intake and RjR 457 12.8mm exhaust. ( Abbreviated lift/duration profiles are posted below)
Isky 455/456 Valve springs. Coated factory cam followers

Pistons/liners: New 84mm AE 10.5 light modified slipper type in new factory liners

Induction: 45 mm Weber DCOE 13 carbs on Euro manifold. Carb internals modified (52mm intake opening diameter, Aux Venturis and Venturies (39mm & shortened to improve flow and atomization. These are my common race carb modifications) Euro "airbox" with 52mm carb openings and re-drilled for race level air intake capacity. Air canister is powder coated satin black. Complete with carb support rod and carb linkage

Crank: Standard rod & Mains.( This is a "Red" Crank. Journals which measure .0002 to .0003" larger than common crank journal size on mains). Balanced, Main journal`s oil pick up holes slotted.

Rods: New Maxpeeding 4140 lightweight

Flywheel/clutch: Very light Flywheel and Porsche Fichtel & Sach "M" pressure plate on the very light modified factory flywheel. Total weight is 21.7 lbs.

Cam profiles lift/duration (intake lash .010" Exh .012")
Lobe lift Intake Exhaust
.010" 298 276
.020" 287 264
.040" 271 252
.050" 265 246
.100" 242 228
.200'' 203 194
.300'' 165 156
.400'' 120 110
.450'' 97 65
.500'' 56

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