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New 164 driver

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It's never too young to start driving an Alfa 164 :)


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Looks like she has the right idea.
Each of my three girls used the Alfa for their graduation from high school event. Well, my middle daughter tried to but an incompetent driver got in her way to the event so she ended up completing the journey in our back up car, the nearly identical (except it is green and nowhere near as pretty) SAAB 9000 Aero.......
I'm still in the process of "educating" my boys about oldest [8] is a huge Porsche/Ferrari fan at the moment and has grown quite used to all the Alfas I have owned. I suspect he needs a year in the back of a Camry/Accord to remind him of how nice Alfas really are?
My youngest Teen was very enthusiastic about an Alfa 164 when he was about to start driving in 2006.
We purchased Bella Alfa with all intentions to Father and Son bonding during the envisaged mild restoration.
Father was reliving a great Alfa (Berlina / Alfetta ) experience from 20 years earlier......
To cut a long story short Teen literally destroyed the mildly restored 164 with donuts and other incredible high speed antics I later got wind of from older Brother and friends.
Bella Alfa has been successfully rebuilt a second time and lasted two years as my daily driver whilst Ody lies parked in the garage.
Currently rebuilding Jenny Alfa......
You know doing donuts in a fwd car requires quite a talent for car control. Have you seen the Ken Block videos? Don't show them to your son until you are sure he has the talent, then, get him a Focus and sit back and wait for the royalty cheques to roll in!
Ah kids, their antics (unknown for sure for years but suspected from the outset) and the ole' man. Treasured memory is when son and I bought an 88 Spider from the Spuell in Atlanta. Flew there, scoped it out, transacted some $$$ and made the father son road trip in Jan in a Spider. Great time. 10 years later (now) and he's getting married this fall to a nice young lady, no clue on anything Italian let alone Alfa's. Methinks a Spider will make an awesome gift. Spousal unit has other ideas.

Beautiful little lass in the pic. Thanx all for the shared stories. Chris
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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