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Negative Wire from Coil - To Distributor?

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Since cleaning the engine bay, my 74 Spider has had no spark. I'm 99% sure this is due to the wire from the negative pole on the coil being disconnected.

Papajam's diagram says this wire should got to the distributor, and that would be the correct distance for this length of wire...But how is it connected?

I've pulled the distributor cap and looked around, but can't decipher how it should be connected?

Any help? Thanks! Dickson
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It connects to the points.

Specifically, how does it connect to the points? Please forgive the newbie. Dickson
Your 74 came with a Marelli S103BA distributor which means that the wire connection should be a male spade on the bottom of the distributor. With the cap off, look where the wire from the points goes through the bottom. Then reach under the dizzy to locate the connector.
Make sure that the spade terminal is clean and tight. Erratic ignition performance can result from dirty/loose connections. If in any doubt that the female terminal on the wire is not holding tight or is corroded, replace it. Very cheap insurance.
Thanks guys. I felt around under there yesterday (hard to get a good visual!) and did not feel anything. But today may be a different story! Thanks.
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