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Hi. Attepted to replace the stock amplifier on my ls (located under pass seat) but just not working out.
The amp works but the interference hum is annoying. There is a filter placed opposite the amp that is supposed to filter out interference but I may have miss-connected some of the wiring as I was using the stock harness. For those that have the head-amp set up:
Wiring under pass side cover is: white for power distribution from battery-ignition and black connectors for speaker distribution to the speakers.
They are connected side to side in a larger box.
The power goes down to the filter box and is then sent back to the amp and the head unit. The head unit speaker output is via a din plug, This plugs to the amp and is then sent out via a large white connector to the mentioned large black connection box (the one under the pass side tunnel cover) and that goes to the speakers. The speaker wires from the amp are actually labelled! The colors change at the black box so be carefull.
As I was using the +12 and memory 12 and switch 12 from the output harness, I may have mixed something up. Now, when connect it, I get a pulsing every few seconds, as if the signal from the door warning was pulsing. I may be getting 2x 12 volt signals... not sure anymore.
I could really use a picture of the harness behind the head unit, a picture of the harness at the large black connection box showing both sides of each. From there, I am going to reconnect as if stock and try again. Thanks.

P.S. tried to bypass the filter box but the interference was intollerable so it has to stay.
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