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I have an 82 Spider and am in desperate need of help. My son decided to help me out and started removing wires for me. Unfortunately I had not yet labeled the ignition coil wires.

I have two wires coming from the lighting harness- green with black, and white. Have a white with black from main harness and have a white and a black with shielding leading to another ring terminal. All wires have ring terminals.

Does anyone out there know which wires got to the + and which to the - ? I assume the shielding goes to ground.

Thanks in advance!

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Greetings dcrilly and welcome to the BB.
The closest diagram I have at hand right now is an '81. Problem is, it's on cd and I can't read the bloody thing! Someone should re-draw these things. :rolleyes:
Since Alfa has used green/black on a variety of models in the past as the power source for the coil, this gets my vote to go on coil +. To confirm (or deny) this, and if a voltmeter is available, turn on the ignition and check the voltage. If it's battery voltage, your in. If not, I'll stop guessing and try to access an '82 owners manual this weekend.
If appears from this mess of a diagram that the white wire is the tach signal so this would go to coil -. I'll hazard a guess that the white/black wire with the shield also goes to coil - and the second wht/blk to coil +.
Good luck!

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This is an old thread I found while searching for info about coil wiring.

The PO removed a lot of the wire harness from our '84 and didn't label anything...

Can anyone confirm proper connections for the coil? 1984 Spider with L-jet ignition/FI

black (but maybe it is just a black cover over a yellow wire?)
shielding wire - ends in a large diameter ring terminal (all others have 'normal' size ring terminals)

TIA, Eric

edited to add an update - got our Spider running. The conections to the coil are thus:

+ green/black

- white, white/black, yellow (inside a black covering)

shield wire (is wrapped around the yellow wire) to ground (body metal)

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I guess this must be the place to ask this question. Any help would be welcome :

I have a 1984 Euro specification Spider Veloce 2000 (electronic ignition but 2 Solex Carbs).

The issue is as follows : I changed the coil this evening, and re-wired properly - wiring is White wires to negative and green/black (2 of them) to positive. And, while I was re-installing, found 2 more !

One is Green/White, inside a black plastic cover, with a terminal on the end.
The other is Green with a terminal on the end.

These were tucked neatly under the windscreen cleaner resevoir.... I only got the car a few months ago and this is the first I see...

Any idea where these come from ?

Many thanks.
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