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I need some under bonnet protection on the spider - theres an array of circlips, oil cap & HT lead clip, that are only mm's from the underside of the bonnet. If I lift the engine (or anyone else does ......... garage / MOT etc...) or even slam the bonnet closed, I pose a high risk of high pointing the bonnet. My garage who just re-built & fitted the gearbox just did that as well & had to get a dent specialist in to remove them.

its n ot the 1st time its happened - I did it on my previous bonnet (before a front end smash) just by jacking up the sump by a bit to get some clearence so I could slide under the car (its low).........stupid move I know !!!!

I need some kind of adhesive pad under the bonnet to protect it.

went on ebay, cant see anything.

need something like a heat resistant dynamat, thats self adhesive & can cover an area about 600x150mm. Anyone got an ideas or suggestions.
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