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I secure vehicles for the use in commercials, photo shoot, and other productions.

I am currently looking for an Alfa Romeo spider for a commerical shooting either June 23 or 24 in Los Angeles.

We are looking for one with an AUTOMATIC Transmission. (i know).

Red is prefered, but will look at all colors.

There will be some driving scenes. Nothing major. scenes like pulling out of a parking spot. driving down a side street.

There is pay and the proper insurance in place.

If you have a car that matches this and available, please get a hold of me as soon as possible.

email pictures of your car and contact info to [email protected]

Feel free to contact me anytime with any questions.

Thank you!,
Gabriel Baltierra
Mr. Vintage Machine
Mr Vintage Machine

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Im a little late for this, Gabriel, but my alfa is in LA and coulda tried to hook up with you, dang. But, thats assuming you woulda taken a stick shift alfa.

My car was in a shoot about a year ago- FSU Film School- it was in a short called "1800 CARSEX". I know, its not what you think, actually. The short won an award in LA premier night last February for FSU releases. here it is:

anyway, hope it turned out OK with the shoot.......

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