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I am about to put my Nuova Giulia 1300 back together and find that I am in need of a few parts. I ahve a parts catalog for the car and one for Non Nuova Giulias. I need the following parts which are the same. So if you have a Giulia TI or Super or? perhaps you can help. Or if you are in Europe maybe you can help.

Per cofano bagagliera/for the trunk lid Molla per Cerniera/Spring for hinge (need 2)

Per plafoniera/for courtesy light
105.. Interruuttore/switch (need 2)

I will gladly pay for shipping from Italy or where ever. Seems to me there must be some of these around since they were used on so many cars.
Thanks for any help you can provide.

ps The guy at car quest doesn't know what a molla is.
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