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Need some help with my sunroof

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I have a very nice GTV6 US 50 state version, build in 85, bought this car in SoCal about 4 years ago and I'm very happy with the car

The car has a few little problems at the moment that I want to take care of but can't find some of the parts on this side of the pond

I'm looking for a complete original sunroof assembly, mine is not rising when I'm closing it, need a few parts to fix this but because almost no Euro car has a sunroof I'm having trouble to find the parts

I also can use a good or new ignition lock with keys

Is there someone who wants to sell these parts and send them to me in Belgium , can pay with Paypal
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Try Larry at Alfa Parts Exchange (APE). He is in California, but I'm surecould ship world wide.

Maybe the best thing to do would be to send pictures of the sun roof parts needed? Of course if you pull it apart to take the pictures, you might be able to fix it simply with what you have on hand.
I have the same problem. How do you go about fixing this?

Currently, I have to push up on the back of the sunroof while closing it.
I don't exactly know what is wrong with it, according the PO there is a plastic thing broken
I can have to push the sunroof up when closing it but it will sag down again, I have a small piece of wood under it now to keep the sunroof aligned with the rest of the roof when closed

I was just thinking of buying a complete good working assembly, to fix the problem and to have some spare parts
Maybe I can replicate the plastic part in alumium or something, let's see what comes up here
I've been meaning to ask this same question for ages, I don't really want to tear oped the sun roof/roof just to see what exactly is broken. If anybody has any pics of the mechanism that would be great.
I have a good ignition switch. I will take a look at it tonight.
Sun roof parts

We have an '84 GTV6 that is becoming a race car. In the next couple of weeks I'm going to cut the sun roof mechanism from the car. The only part I need is the actual panel that fills the hole in the roof. I'm just going to run aluminum straps and bolt it in place. The sun roof on this car works perfectly, has good plastic surround around handle. Shipping to Europe is no problem if you can pick up at a major airport. PM me if you are interested
Ignition switch

This is a good one. Fits 83-86 GTV6. $40 + shipping


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Guy's thanks for the reactions !!!

PM's send
quickly - the rear sun roof locks into place via cams as part of the close handle operation. Issue is that cams are made of plastic and wear poorly - Larry at APE will confirm. IAP or Centerline need to look at creating replacement parts - we ALL need them (unless we are building a racer...)
plastic cams

you can either pack the cams up or have new ones made and pressed on-its a pretty easy fix once you have access to them which is the time consuming part!
cheers Haden
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