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need piston

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Hi, I've just joined this bb. Am currently member of 750/101 yahoo group; inquired about finding 101 giulia veloce 9,7 cr piston to replace damaged one but got no response from that forum. Does anybody here have a used piston in decent shape to sell me?
Jim Enloe
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Problem finding ONE CORRECT piston used

Most buy a set, or a P&L (piston and liner) set. The problem with just one is that they were available in at least 3 standard sizes, plus oversizes:rolleyes:. Unless you luck upon a exact :)cool:) match to the other 3 you have, you will have trouble:(. Further, what became of the liner with the damaged piston? Again, there are 3 standard, DIFFERENT liners. Even then, if the replacement is a different height, you will have trouble again:)(). You will have better luck looking for 4 used P&L,
or a new set. Just my opinion. :D Gordon Raymond
Do the whole set!

I completely agree that trying to replace a damaged piston with a pig-in-a-poke used one is a bad solution to your problem. One of the brilliant design features of Alfa's Giulietta (and forward) engines is the ease with which you can renew the pistons and liners in the crankcase at a very reasonable price. Since the labor is almost the same to replace one piston as to replace the whole P&L set, I think you're penny wise, but pound foolish to even attempt to get lucky and perhaps find the same style piston as the rest of your current set.
Bite the bullet and buy a nice new P&L set from any of the many sources, and feel great about doing the right thing for your ever-appreciating classic Alfa.
Just my opinion, but based on having repaired MANY Alfa engines over the past 40+ years.
Best of luck with your repairs.
I agree with replacing the full set of pistons / liners. But I haven't seen the Veloce set (9.7 CR) offered by the usual suspects here in the States in years. Am I missing something, or are the only current sources in Europe? I would suspect that a custom set of pistons could be ordered since several aftermarket suppliers made the Veloce pistons (I have an ancient NOS set of Jahns pistons on the shelf). But if a ready-to-go set of pistons and liners was available, I'd prefer that.
Thanks, Jim
I Don't think any 1600, 9.7 sets are available in the US. Ok Parts, Christian Ondrak may know, or Tony @ Alfastop. I had a set made up by JE recently,
more modern technology, but one must fit to one's liners.
Gordon Raymond
I checked the websites for Alfastop and Classic Alfa, but didn't find sets for the Veloce. Still haven't sent a query to them regarding possible availability, but it's not looking good. Since I'm probably not starting the restoration of the #2 Spider till next year, I'm not in a great rush yet. But considering the time scale of some recent "small" jobs, like chroming, maybe I should at least pull out a set of sleeves and mike them for exact ID. I expect a good machine shop can bore a decent set to the first overbore size to make it easier to spec JE or other pistons. I wonder if NOS piston / liner sets show up on e-Bay?
Thanks, Jim
I haven't seen any NOS 1600 liners in a long while. However, a used, matched set, that can be bored 1 mm oversize, can be used with JE pistons Paul Spruell has in stock. Just be sure the liners are matched, all from the same engine, without much exterior pitting. These used liners will be more stable, and wear in better than new ones as they will have had many heat up / cool down cycles. I prefer used to new for any application using custom forged pistons. They seem to work better for me. Best, :DGordon Raymond
I believe Paul can possibly provide matched bored and honed liners.
Very helpful info -- thanks! I didn't realize that Paul had the JE pistons available. I assumed I'd have to contact JE directly, so that will be a bit easier. I have two full, matched sets of used 1600 liners on the shelves, and they're in decent shape. Sounds like a 1 mm overbore is in my future:D. Since I'd rather work on motors than all the other restoration stuff, maybe I'll jump start the project and start farming out the machine shop work this year.
Thanks again,
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