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Need opinions: manual or stock AAV?

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My Spider has a bad AAV, the previous owner put a manual valve on there but no cable going into the to adjust it I have to pop the hood. While doing other work on the car, I thought it would be a good time to get some aviation throttle cable or something and run it to the dash (I've switched to after-market non-electric mirrors so I could put the AAV control in the center console where the mirror switch used to be).

I've heard a manual AAV provides better results (more precise control) than the factory Bosch temperature-activated one. But from a practical much difference does it really make? How many of you have switched to a manual AAV? I'm concerned about performance, but aside from Magnaflow exhaust (which I'll probably change, not crazy about the sound), the engine is stock for now....if the performance "gain" from a manual AAV is something I won't even notice, then I'd rather just get another automatic AAV and not have to worry about messing with it right after startup.
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The manual one really isn't a performance thing, other than you're absolutely positive that when it's open it's open and when it's closed it's closed. Something you can't always be sure of with the automatic ones.

If you want to run controls into the cabin (it is a good plan) you can't go wrong with a $10 manual choke kit for a carb. It'll come with practically everything you need.

All in all you won't really notice any difference (well, if you leave the manual one open for too long you'll know it for sure) between manual and automatic until you get to a point where the automatic one fails and all the goofy isues that come along with that start to crop up.

Of course the manual rig is many times less expensive in general.
..stock is fine..if you cannot find a alfa one, you can use one off a datsun 260-280z,, the same as bosch.
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