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Hey guys, I am helping out a buddy here in Seattle with his 12 valve 3.0 litre 164 "S" engine rebuild.

I am down to all 24v parts these days, so I can't help him; the sub-assembly on the core that he bought for rebuild was left sitting with coolant in the barrels on top of the pistons a bit too long and significant amounts of rust and subsequent pitting has occurred in the liners! He needs six new or known-good used liners please.

Also, one of his pistons is ventilated, so he needs one new, or a good 10.0:1 compression 164 "S" piston please! The important thing is that this was from cylinder number 3, so any piston from the right side will do.

If it is still on the rod, then holding the rod (as if you are standing behind the engine), the numbers will be printed to the outside of the big-end on the side of the rod, the arrow on the piston will be pointed forward and the larger valve-release will be on the left and the smaller valve-release will be on the right of the piston-top! Any piston from the rods marked 1, 2, or 3 will work (from the right-side of the engine - standing behind it), or from the rear bank (in a 164...!)

If somebody can help, please email me via [email protected] or buzz me at 425.941.4747.

Thanks, JvR
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