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Need help with next steps

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OK I think I am making progress with the "miss when hot" issue. I fixed the fuel pressure light today and now here's the deal. It goes out when the key is on and the car is not running but when I start it, it flickers a little at idle and lights up when I rev it. Fuel pump is new (centerline) and filters are good.
Do you think the next step is to do that thing where I fill and drill a smaller hole in the fuel return hose?
Any tips on that if that's what i need to do?
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What year model is it?

Go to and download the Fuel Diagnostics Guide.

It may be that you need to narrow the restrictor to 1/16".

Before you do that, however, make sure that you're getting full voltage to the supply pump (all connections clean and tight and your getting 12v at the pump), that the in-tank boost pump (if installed) is putting out a steady 3 psi of head pressure, and that the tank is vented (no vacuum forming preventing fuel outflow).
that fuel diagnostic guide has saved me more then once....narrowing the restrictor helped me when i transplanted my "alfetta" fuel pump into my
105 alfa

wonder if anyone has had narrow the restrictor on these new fuel pumps
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