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My 67 Super was a basket case...wiring harness all burned up. I have retraced and reconstructed every wire myself, and am now left with just one last mystery...the 3-wire, 2-speed wiper.

Every schematic I've seen merely shows the wiper switch (and foot pump
switch too) as a blank box with wires going into it. The schematic does
NOT indicate which color wire goes to which terminal number on either
the wiper switch or foot switch. To make it worse, the
wiper switch has more terminals on it than wires to attach!

I'm just guessing without this essential information. I do not want to short circuit anything and cause possible damage to the wiper motor, wiring or switch (ever price these things lately?).

Can anybody please tell me which color wires go to which number
terminals on the wiper switch and foot switch? Maybe somebody has their
dash apart and can make a diagram, or even take a picture of their
wiper switch for me? I understand that the later wiper switches are
physically different than the original ones...hence the "extra"
terminals on my new replacement. Later wiper motors were 4-wire as well.

As an alternate solution, if anyone can offer an internal schematic
and/or explanation for how the 2-speed wiper motor functions, I can
trace the internal function of my switches and determine what goes
where that way.


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Not sure on the Giulia w/w motor but a 68 1750 GTV motor, also with a two speed, three wire motor, is wired thus;
Red - unswitched hot (park circuit)
Green - high speed
Green AND white - low speed

There may also be some usable information in this post.

If you'd like the color Giulia Super wiring diagram (has no wiper terminal numbers) and/or the 1750 Euro GTV diagram (with terminal numbers), please send me your email address in a private message.
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