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Need help on pricing

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Hi everyone. I was after your expertise to determine how much this alpha might be worth. I think it was imported from Japan, never registered, little history, think it runs, no exterior dents or scratches. I realise it's not much information but I'm not in the same area as the car. I've got no knowledge of classic alphas so I don't even know the model (1750?). Ballpark figures would be great. Thanks in advance.

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It's an early 70's 2000GTV. you say no scratches but that white spot on the front right guard sure looks like one!

And by the way it's Alfa, not alpha. What is your relationship with the car?
Thanks for the quick reply. If you're referring to the round white spot on the right corner, it's just bird poop. My father used to collect cars but he passed away a few years ago. I don't have the time and interest to maintain them so I'm looking to sell them off.
I managed to get some more information about the car today. It's a 1975 1600gt junior coupe and was purchased at Turners auction back in 2007. It's done around 130,000km. So it wasn't imported from Japan by my father. Not sure if its registration is on exemption. I realise it's still not much information to go off but does anyone want a stab at how much it might be worth?
Can you get the chassis and type code off the firewall? I appreciate that you may not know what the hell I'm talking about but if you lift the bonnet, in the engine bay in front of the wipers there is a black and silver plate with the numbers 105.nn on it. That's the type. Next to that will be a series of numbers and letters pressed into the steel. That's the chassis number.

Reason I ask is that a 1600 GT Junior would not normally have over-riders on the bumpers. It's also pretty rare in Right Hand Drive, and more so if the speedo is in KM's rather than miles. I do recall a couple in New Zealand when I lived there in the 70s' though.
From what I can see of it (requires some minor cosmetics) being in need of an inspection before registration and being a 1600 junior, rather than a more desirable 2000 gtv version I would estimate , in this market, around 6k .
Ultimately however it is only worth whatever a willing buyer will pay and currently the market for most classic cars is soft.
Thanks guys. I'm planning to have a better inspection of the car next time.
Ultimately however it is only worth whatever a willing buyer will pay and currently the market for most classic cars is soft.
Did you see the SAfrican 2000GTV didn't go for $30500 on trademe. reserve $35K offered $33K
Alfa romeo 2000 GTV 1976 | Trade Me

Man, I got to get mine finished quick smart
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