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Need a scout in Dallas TX

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There is a 164 for sale in Dallas I've been curious about, but not curous enough to drive 4 hours from houston to see. The guy, who just happens to be a non-alfa mechanic swears its a gem, but I'm not convinced.

I'd gladly pay someone a spiff to go take it for a spin and kick the tires to tell me if its worth flying over to buy. Its a 93 auto, just a second car for me...

Would greatly apperciate any help! Also taking reccomendations for a good houston area alfa shoo...

Aaron in Houston
[email protected]
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I would offer to look it over but I have no mechanical experience so other than to verify it exists and is not crashed on one side, I would not be of much help. I suggest you call Robert Rodgers at Shadetree Engineetrics in Nevada, Texas (a very small suburb northeast of Dallas). He does an outstanding job servicing my 164 LS and is a highly respected mechanic. He specializes in only Italian cars including some rare and expensive street and race cars (i.e. Ferrari's, Alfa's, Maserati and Lancia's) He has also owned a 12v 164 and still owns a Milano. His phone number is 972-843-8134. He is closed on Monday but is open on Tuesday through Friday with a half a day on Saturday. He will give it a very thorough inspection if you so desire.

You may also try Richard Cross with the Lone Star branch of the AROC. He is in Arlington. You can find contact information for him through the AROC.

Good luck with the purchase.

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