I bought the radiator from Classic Alfa and it sat on my shelf. I installed it long enough to realize it had the overflow on the left side where I needed one on the right. It looks like I may have splattered something on the top tank, see detail photo.

The transmission is a 2000 bell housing and gearbox with a 1750 tail shaft and shift section. If I recall a bearing cage that is coming apart keeps them from mating easily.

The 1750 head is the one that came with my car. It had sat for years and the fire ring area is pretty badly pitted. No other obvious issue but I have not done anything with it.

I don't remember where the SPICA pump came from but I think this is one that ran 20 or so years ago on a different 1750. Spins freely.

When I bought my semi disassembled project there was what might be a GTV back seat in the back, like somebody tried to make a 2+2.

Reasonable offers