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Hello Everyone

Just wanted to let everyone know that I moved and do not have a garage anymore for my 86 Alfa Spider and I had to sell her. It was killing me seeing the car setting out side exposed to the Florida weather. Anyway I have lots of left over parts that I would like to offer to the members before I list them on the forum. List of parts as follows:

2.Dash ( complete upper dash , not cover)
3.Reco Seats
4. Under windshield cowl
5. Full wiring harness with bullet fusebox
6. Boot Cover
7. Power Window regulator with switches
8.Center Console parts. (clock, switches, air controls and a/c control) Console plate is broke might be able to fix
9. Bag of bullet fuses=free will bring with me
10. Series 4 inner door panel pulls with map pocket
11. Assorted switches and other little thing I forgot but will find when I search my Storage unit

I am open to offers and that why I did not list price. Offer what you think the items are worth. I live 2 miles from the museum just before the Walmart on Blue Angel parkway so you can come take look at what I have listed. Call me if you want more information.

See you there

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