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Nardi floor shift conversion

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This ad/pamphlet for a Giulietta Nardi floor shift conversion for a tunnel case trans is on ebay right now. Anyone ever seen the actual conversion?



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I honestly can't say I "saw" the conversion but ... I did drive a Berlina so equipped.:)
This was many years ago; a used car lot “tire-kicking” moment. My recollection is that while an improvement over the column shift and its accompanying vagueness, it was not as crisp as a Spider floor shift.
Thanks for posting the ad; I always wondered how they converted that car.
Linking these two threads together, 6 years later....

Good catch, Greig. I notice that the ad does not mention the bizarre reverse-H shift pattern! BTW, the shifter that I have feels clean and precise, with a nice short throw, though stiffer than the factory shifter. This is off the car, of course. The real test will come when the car is running.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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