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Dear all

I'm having a little clearance within all my stuff, so I came across these mystery cams
Got these back in the days from an UK enthusiast, price was low so why not ?
stayed unused since (no associated project)

No sprocket and not fitted to an engine, so what I can say for now :

  • Duration : unknown
  • Lift : 11.6 mm (so modification to follower bore is needed)
  • NOT a regrind
  • NOT rifled drilled, plain
  • Base circle looks the same as stock

No markings as you find on C&B, Alquati or Kent cams
Just " 40 FD6 " on the back


Mystery cam (Left) and standard Euro 1600 cam (Right)

Markings : " 40 FD6 "

I thought about items from "Cat Cams" or copies of Jim Evans design (for Classic Alfa in UK) which offers a similar 11.6mm lift sepc under reference EN522.CA (origina CA items are hollow shaft, rifle drilled)
Important : We are in Europe, so statistically, little chance that the cams originated from US tuners
Any guess ?

Best regards
Sebastien (France)
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