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Mystery Cams

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Can anyone help me identify these cams? They belong to a buddy, we are nervous about putting them in his car. He wants Euro 1750/2000 cams to run with his webers. There is no markings on these cams, even the timing marking is very faint and looks like it was done with an engraver. lift appears to be 10.5mm.

If someone is interested in them, we would sell to raise money for a set of reproduction euro cams. But if they are a set of someone's reproduction euro cams, I'd love to know who can't be bothered to put a proper timing mark on them.

Thanks in advance for anyone that responds.


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They look nice, but.... The only way to know what they really are is to have them profiled. It is possible that Richard Jemison, Alfar7 on the BB, a cammaster, might be able to tell you by appearance alone.
yeah, if no one can eyeball them, I'll have to profile them. I've been meaning to hack up a crap cylinder head into nice set up with dial indicator and degree wheel.....but not today.
how did your cams end up
do they have any numbers on them
cheers carlo
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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