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Ok folks, I did it. I bought myself a new Berlina!

After looking at one in LA and passing on it (thanks to Jeff Thraen for inspecting it for me, I owe him many beers), I was referred to a Berkeley car.

After speaking with the seller we agreed on a price and voila! I have a super sweet new Berlina. I will be picking it up in mid-June and driving it from Berkeley to LA and from LA back to Seattle.

Here is the skinny:

1971 Berlina 1750 Euro-Spec (105)
Cream w/ Black interior
2.0L engine w/ 10548 cams
4.3 axle

It is supposed to be very very fast. It was imported from Europe back in '73 or something. It's in good shape, nice interior and solid mechanics.

I cannot wait to pick it up. I have some photos that I will post in a bit.

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I think Damain is probably on the road right now, bringing the new Berlina up from San Francisco to Seattle- I know he plans to have her here for next Friday's NWARC lapping day at Bremerton. I can't wait to see the car. Sounds like someone else picked up the Rosso/Blanco-my loss. Oh well, Seattle will be one Alfa richer when he gets back. Happy Motoring, Damian!
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