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My new baby!!

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Hello everyone,

I am now a proud owner of an Alfa Romeo... a 1991 Alfa Romeo 164 S to be exact! :D My friend and I went to go pick it up from NJ yesterday. I hadn't been driven in four years and it was barely running when we got there. After 3 quarts of oil, a new battery, half a tank of gas and three hours later... it was a running and driving car. It was able to make a 1 1/2 hour trip back home (after stalling out 3 or 4 times while on the highway). So, it is now sitting comfortably in my driveway looking as beautiful as ever.

I will post pictures as soon as I can... so you all can see what she looks like. She needs some work... mostly interior, new paint job, some rust spots, and minor things on the exterior.

I guess now I can confidently say... I'm have acquired the alfa sickness. :):D

Best Wishes!
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Congratulations Kate! The 164 is a very nice car, especially the "S"!!
Congrats Kate! I know you've been looking for an Alfa for a while. Once you get your S sorted out I'm sure you'll have many, many stories to tell.


Yes my friend, that was some drive back from NJ... Getting lost 8 times on the way to the DMV in Trenton NJ, Three hours of wrench turning and tuning in the PO's drive way, Three quarts of fresh oil, new battery, and my personal favorite (the italian tune up) and we were off on our stop and go journey down I-95.

Ill be sure to bring the digital camera on Monday when I come by to help with the final tune up, and cleaning of the car.

Ciao Bella

It was certainly an emotional rollar coaster (on my part).. lol... but well worth it. I'm glad that I went through with it... even when things seemed impossible. The trips back and forth through Trenton were aggravating, but... like you said.. they will become moments to laugh about later. lol The car looks beautiful and I'm very happy with my decision.

I've had a VERY difficult time keeping the key away from the ignition. lol

Thank you again for all your help on thursday and for the help you'll be giving me on monday.

Best Wishes!
Congrats Kate!!

Can't wait to see some pictures, and I hope to see you buzzing around the area! The more Alfa's in KoP/Norristown, the better! :)
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