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My new 116 toy

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Here's my latest purchase a 1976 GTV. According to the race log book it started out as a race car in 1996, competing as rally car. It has had three owners since 96 in which time it has been modified to a track car.
Items of interest: MOMO 15x7 6 spoke mags
Near new Toyo R888 tyres
2xMOMO Corsa seats
Koni Yellows all round
Lumpy cams (Unknown profile, to be confirmed)

Took the car for a blast down the road and man what a blast. Having never driven a race modified Alfa on the road, it was completely awesome. The pure noise from the open ram pods on the 40mm dellortos with lumpy cams, the noise from the front was just immense, added to that, a single muffled 2" side pipe out the back, it noise was just exhilarating. I don't think i have ever been in a car where the noise from the carbies has been so loud and changed so much throughout the rev range.

I can't wait to get it on a race track now.

I need to find a trailer to drag it around to as many tracks as New Zealand will offer to me.

I also need some help with setting up the front suspension, I feel it has been lowered to much and will love to know the optimal ride height. (I'll also ask this on the Alfetta page).

Has anyone seen this car race or have information on it. I only have the small amount that is written in the log book.
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Only a single pic at the momment.


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I saw this on trade me and was tempted, just in the wrong island.

I'm pretty sure that Alfetta was raced in the Trofeo series by someone from the Wairarapa about 8 years ago, went quite well, well faster than me, but unreliable, after that I think it was in Whanganui.
Congrats on the purchase....

That's Nigel Bunny's old car which he ran with some success for a number or years... It been passed on a number of times with the new owners not really doing much with it. One recent owner crashed it a few times before it being sold one in need of major work on the driverside front. Then it went through a few owners again being partly repaired and here it is again looking good and ready to go!!
Yeah i can see where it has been repaired in the engine bay. Not the best repair but it's race car and I have never raced, so i may need to repair it my myself anyway.

If you look front on to the car, you can see that either the passager side is drooping down or the drivers side is too high by about 10mm (doesn't sound like a lot but can be easily seen). The wheel archs are the same height and the car drivers straight so I'm not too fust.

What are the musts and must nots I need to do, before I take the car on the track. I going to go to a couple of open track days at pukekohe and hampton downs.

Hans when you say "unreliable" would know what sort of things went wrong? (sorry little while ago now)
Little things seemed to go wrong but I think everything would be changed by now. Trofeo people are very friendly and should be able to help in Auck.
Alfa Romeo racing Trofeo series
One absolute thing is to have suitable brake pads, standard pads on the track will disappear in half an hour and it won't be braking properly for half that time.
Do you have a brand and model you prefer? Hans
Hey Nick,

Nice wheels man.

Try these guys out, they stock Ferodo and Mintex brands, very good... Race Brakes - Performance Brakes - Classic Car - Race Car - Hot Rod - Drag Racing - HOME

Find out what calipers you're running. If they are standard Alfetta, I may have some new unused still in there (tatty) box Tar Ox competition pads that will fit. PM me if you're keen.

Re: Suspension
The suspension on the front of these is very easy to change. There are a number of threads over in the Alfetta forum. It's also easy to **** it up though so beware.

How's the old Ti coming along?
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I get my pads from Andy at Performatek in the US, I tell him how I'm driving and he sends the pads, no idea what they are. It's cheaper than buying local with more choices although Race Brakes are fine to deal with and Ferodo race pads work well.
The front calipers look bigger than standard, so will have to do some investigating. Cheers for the link.

This is my first 116, so I will have to do some study on how to play with everything. 105's and sud/sprints are pretty straight forward but these are special in more way ways than one.

Before I change anything I want to take it to a track and see how it goes. And the guy (steven forbes) who I bought it off says needs some work in handling area.
The giulia is not going anywhere fast. I'm not happy with body work and started removing large amounts of bog. The people how tried to fix it, must have been all apperentises. There is no sign panel beating just panel bogging.
The front calipers look bigger than standard, so will have to do some investigating.
If they are an aluminium Brembo caliper, then probably off a 75, a common upgrade.
I'm working on a ship for the next few weeks so will have wait and see what they are. They are 2 piston units, with a "G" stanped onto them, i think?
I was wondering where that car went to.

I used to pass it alot in the truck with work in matamata.

He told me a while back when i took a look it was a bit rough and had rust. Buggered if i could see it though, lol

Looks all good to me. :).

Good luck with it
I think the car does have a fair amount of rust and damaged panels but with the fresh paint (it looks thick) and keeping it inside it should stay looking good.

I have been reading up on 116 front suspensions and are very confident that the front of the car is too low. The PO told me he had lowered it one spline, which according to the other guys on this forum would lead to 55mm drop in height at the front, this has the lower control arms at rest, pointing to the sky at about 20-25 degrees. This would, i believe be detrimental to the handling and also fits with the PO telling me that the back of the car likes to catch up to the front under braking.
The steering is vague and heavy. I think the first thing I do will be to lift the front back up about a 25mm or so to get the LCA's back to a near level position.

Looking at brakes on the internet, I think the symbol I thought was a "G" might be a "B" for Brenbo like you said Rik. So when I get back I will pull the brake pads and see how much wear and what type they are and also change the brake fluid just cos i can.
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Get in contact with adams automotive/automotion in Katikati. He originally used to own that car, I was just talking with him. Said had modded engine, but other wise standard ish. He still has original plates if you want to re vin the car. He currently has a gtv thats had a 3ltr put into it.
Reliability Problems

So, took the car to Hampton Downs, a couple of weeks ago for a thank the marshals and volunteers day. Anyone could turn up and pay a small amount of money to get a drive/ride around the track. A good turn out of cars and people. The day didn't start out well with me not being able to get the car on the trailer that I had boughed, (it didn't tilt and the rams were really quite short so needed a bit of a run up to get on the trailer. With the car being low and the exhaust even lower I caught the edge of the first muffler on the trailer, stopping the car suddenly causing my head to smash into the the steering wheel! (always wear a seat belt, even when putting the car on the trailer!!).

Anyway get to the track and filled the forms, checked the car over, oil, water, wheel nuts, everything as it should be...warm the car up a little and then sit in line waiting for my first turn as a driver to get out onto the track.

Car starts off ok, fouls the the plugs a little as I leave the pits then slowly clears and comes on strong. I do a couple of slow laps to get my head around the track and the car, then start to push and brake a little harder when I come up to the hairpin and brake as hard as the car will let me slowing me quickly but then suddenly the car was full of smoke, not know what it was I pulled into the pits, got out of the car and looked underneath I found that the the breather hose that PO had fitted to the trans-axle was dripping trans oil onto one of the rear brake calipers, so redirected the hose away from the caliper and rang the old man in OZ, to see if had even seen or heard of a breather hose being fitted to a Alfa trans-axle and if it should be leaking. He said he hadn't heard of breathers being fitted and though it was a little strange.

So took the car out again and got another couple of laps under my belt but as I was accelerating up one of the small hills the track has to offer, I heard a big bang from the rear end and then no drive to the rear wheels, so I changed gears and still nothing so all I could do is coast to the side of the track and wait for assistance!!!! Oh the noise it made while getting towed back to the pit was horrible, very loud metal on metal grinding sounds.

So that was the end of my first day as driver in a race car, bugger. Then had the problem of getting the car on the trailer again and having to use a winch that was missing a couple of teeth. A pair of vise grips helped turn the other shaft on the winch, only to get to the edge of the trailer again and catching the exhaust again!! (no sore head this time, just a little more pride was damaged) with a hand from a couple of guys they were able to lift the car enough to clear the trailer.

My guess is the crown and pinion gear have beaten the f out of each other.
I talked to the PO and he has told me that put a transmission oil in the box and not diff oil. I haven't had a chance to pull the box out yet to fine out exactly what went wrong but will take some photos when i get it apart and show you guys what happened. The only saving grace it that the car came with a spare box from a running road car and my uncle has a spare one he has held onto for 15 also year again from a running road car, that i will get off him. One box is a 1.8l the other a 2l maybe so maybe they have different ratios and I can make a good track box from the two of them.
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Hi Nik,

I was thinking about going down to that open day, but went to watch the Senna movie instead.

That all sounds like a bit of a headache (pardon the pun). I don't know this for sure but I think (someone correct me if I'm wrong) the 1.8 box should have a shorter final drive making it a better track gearbox. Of course, if you can get one with a slippery diff, even better.

I'd be interested to come and have look at your race car sometime though. Flick me a pm if you don't mind a shady scotsman skulking around your shed. I'll maybe bring along my new toy...
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