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2 years ago i was contacted by someone to put there 83 gtv6 back together(long time back we had a misunderstanding and simply didnt get along) an engine swap had been done but NOTHING was bolted together even the drive shaft wasnt back in the car had been sitting for atleast 3 years or more and he had simply lost the patiance and intrest to do the job and just wanted it fixed to sell it....

ive worked on anything i could get my hands on for a long time and pick up the quirks of any company VERY VERY fast as im entirly self taught and NOTHING comes to me as out of the ordinary

anyway i started working on it and surfed the net for anything that stumped me wich was only the vacume it running and it was doing what i was told was EXACTLY what the previous 65k mile engine was i dug into it and found it to be the AFM had been adjusted by the previous owner and was pig rich(spare motor is PERFECT) swaped out the afm and figured out how to tune up the car went thru the grounds and ENJOYED test driveing went up for sale.

a long time friend started the buying prossces and was going to pay and work off the car ..wich all the mean time i built a mobile gameing studio in the back of a gmc mini buss..when all was said and done the alfa got repo'd from my long time friend and went back to the guy with the bus..up for sale for a while and was then handed to me for partial bus payment...and ive been enjoying the hell out of it ever since...ive learned the electricals inside and out and backwards as well as the tune specs and entire brake system wich i promptly had to rebuild when i got it as the 2 rear calipers were frozen(wich i carefully rebuilt and use the E-brake on daily with ZERO issues) and the driver front too was froze but i rebuilt both fronts as well..MC and clutch MC both died 2 weeks later..MC was replaced with a BMW 23mm unit and i scratch rebuilt the clutch MC using BMW and volvo clutch and brake MC parts...

now ive put about 8k miles on it in the year ive had it and blew the diff...i fell in love with the did the wife

earlyer this year the same guy had given a friend of his who needed a car and he loaned/sold-ish him the 87 milano platinum(thanx guys for helping me ID that it is indeed a platinum) had been sitting for some 6 months or more due to blown cam seals no longer powered PS rack and abs was to be towed and was put up for takers ...soooooo it was given to me for free!!! 112k on the clock 2 quart size rust spots but more or less perfect......

now for the kicker

earlyer this year i found a 77? alfetta up in tacoma on ebay for a starting bid of 0.99 YES 99 cents.....3 days later i won the car for 99cents LOL cost me about 80$ to get it home about 150 miles(thanx to my 89 turbo caravan)....TOTAL basket case but ALOT of salvageable stuff includeing the 4cyl and entire front suspension, rear suspension and transaxle were long gone.....ive saved EVERYTHING that might pose as usefull and anything NOT rusted like the entire rear quarts front clip ect

now for the intresting bit and "the project"(if someone can tell me where to post up this project SPEAK UP!!)...............
2 years ago i found me a 1958 lloyd alexander TS kombi for the sum of a mustnag 5spd trans....ive repaired ALL of the rust modded the body a bit but deemed the engine and suspension unsafe at any speed (25 HP FWD trailing arm rear 600cc air cooled) and slated it to take a mustang 2 front end NARROWED(3k to buy it stopped that idea cold) and a turbo 2.5 FWD engine out back.........
fetta gave me the idea to run alfa suspension ....and with my love for the way the gtv6 handles and stops it seemed like the PERFECT answer.....but not enuf parts to do it...and then....the milano fell into my lap and answered that problem....

soo now that 1200lb 58 lloyd is slated to get FULL milano suspension brakes engine transaxle...shooting for 1800lbs but ill still be happy if i can keep it under 2000lbs.....should handle like a dream and be a 100% scream to drive.....the purists are screaming..thats a given.....i coulda been the "normal" and drop a v8 and go RWD but i like to think so far out of the box that its not in the picture anymore

generaly speaking ill work on ANYTHING and have worked on pretty much everything but exotics and years ranging from 47-90's..bodywork, fabrication, restorations(just finished a 69 cuda for a friend) scratch builds, engine builds, tuneups, name ive done it or will do it..mostly for fun

anyway its nice to finaly find an alfa site thats used and posted on at a timely basis...hopefully i dont make to many enemys with the lloyd
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