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MY 1988 Alfa Romeo Milano Gold Auto Custom on eBay

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My Alfa 75/Milano is still for sale, price has been lowered. Anyone interested?

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Nobody? Really?
Bump, still for sale on eBay, auction ends in less than a day for anyone interested.
I'm am just a bystander when it comes to Alfas for sale, but I do like to follow along vicariously. it seems, to me, that the folks on this forum are VERY discerning when it comes to these cars. Two points about your offering that might be influencing interest:

  • It's an automatic. Folks here have a pretty strong tilt to manual transmissions. Automatics are not totally unappreciated, but the uptake is slower.
  • Alfa people are VERY wary. In your ad, you do suggest some minor fixes that are needed. At least you don't say it is flawless. That would really raise red flags. These folks want to know ALL the gory details. If it's a tiny bumper scratch, they appreciate it being documented. If it is a bit of grease on the oil pan, they want to see it to get a sense of maybe the cause. If there is even a hint of hesitation shifting to second gear, tell them. And then there is rust.

GLWYS. It's a very nice car for the right person, but as a somewhat older automatic, I suspect it is competing with a lot of newer non-Alfas that have better long-term reliability records. I'd think about something like this for my in-college daughter, but she is currently driving her late grandmother's (comparatively) low-mileage MY2000 Toyota Avalon. The thing is not quite bullet proof, but compared to a Milano, well, parts are certainly easier to find.
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Still for sale. Price reduced to $4500.
I would have taken the $3,550. You can always finish off the little things you mention, especially the A/C and then you might get more.
This car is still far sale. Lowered the price to $2,500 just because I want it gone.

Lots of the little issues have been fixed, some still persist. I really can't understand why I still have this car it's really a great one. It's an absolute pleasure to drive and listen to your favorite music on the sound system, which I might add is AWESOME. Now has a new master cylinder, but the rear calipers are weeping. Comes with new seals brakes still work fine.
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