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My 164 Q4

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Posting my pictures here as well. As you can see it's a 164 Q4 all standard exept for a custom built stainless steel exhaust system with just one muffler in the back. Makes a great almost racing like sound. Picture taken at Swedish
AROC 50 th anniversary 2006 and some pitures preparing it for the event. Family helping out.

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Alfa romeo 164 Personal luxury car

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Vehicle door Automotive exterior

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Sedan Coupé

Vehicle Vehicle door Car Automotive exterior Trunk

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Automotive design Sedan

164 Q4
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Such a sweeeet looking car, I have always wanted a Red 164 Q4!
Such a sweeeet looking car, I have always wanted a Red 164 Q4!
Very nice. Way to put the family to work. ;)
Nice and clean.
Well normaly they dont help out very much with the car but they all wanted to go to the event so i manged get them to help me. Here is some pictures not so nice. I had a minor beltslip this summer that my mechanic should fix (experinced alfa mec worked with Alfas for more than ten yers) but he made a fatal misstake putting it thogether again. Now its all together again without cost for me but sat in the workshop fore more than a month.

Auto part Engine Metal Pipe Automotive engine part

Note the valve upside down right trough the piston.

Engine Auto part Automotive engine part Vehicle Car
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Really Nice, And I do mean the Car....
Nice car g84, I was in Stockholm for the launch of the new V70 this summer and saw only three Alfas, a black 156 SW 2.5 (with a nice sound, too), a red 3-series Duetto and a red 166 2.4 JTD.
I loved your city and your landscapes - drove the V70 T6 for 160km from Arlanda to Malmby test track -, I'll hope to come up again, maybe with my red one. :D
very sharp. great job. looks brilliant.
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