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Have started the first round of auctions from the GTV6 and Milano cars that were parted earlier this year. More to come shortly. All items are available for pick-up in Raleigh, NC, or can be shipped as needed.

GTV6 Recaro Pair:
Alfa GTV6 Recaro Seat Pair | eBay

Aluminum Brembo caliper pair:
Alfa GTV6 Milano Brembo Caliper Pair | eBay

Jetronic ECU:

Alfa Romeo GTV6 Jetronic ECU

GTV6 Exterior door handles/lock cylinder:

Alfa Romeo GTV6 Door Handle and Hatch Lock Set | eBay

GTV6/Milano timing covers:

Alfa Romeo GTV6 Milano Timing Covers | eBay

GTV6 Fuel cap:

Alfa Romeo GTV6 Gas Cap | eBay

Nearly Mint GTV6 Airdam:

Alfa Romeo GTV6 Front Airdam | eBay

GTV6 Power window motors:

Alfa Romeo GTV6 Driverside Power Window Motor Assembly | eBay

Alfa Romeo GTV6 Passenger-Side Power Window Motor Assembly

GTV6 center console:

Alfa Romeo GTV6 Center Console | eBay

GTV6 Fuse Panel:
Alfa Romeo GTV6 Fuse Panel | eBay

GTV6 ignition coil/module:

Alfa Romeo GTV6 Ignition Coil/Module Assembly

GTV6 fuel sender:

Alfa Romeo GTV6 Fuel Sender Assembly | eBay

GTV6 tail light bulb trays:

Alfa Romeo GTV6 Rear Bulb Tray Assemblies | eBay

GTV6 Tea Tray hood insert:

Alfa Romeo GTV6 Hood Insert "Tea Tray"

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Have a used Milano gas tank metal filler neck? Cap not required.
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