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Mt Riverhead

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Hi Everyone, We need support to get Calverton approved as a Motorsport
Park as Supervisor Steve Levy promised he would do less than 4 weeks ago.
Apparently there are 4 people that somehow approved a proposal for an
indoor ski area??? which was the highest bidder by pocket change.

Please please take the time now to go to this link that Phil King provided
and complete the Petition form.

Please also forward the Petition Link to every Club and person you know in
the Metro NY Area.

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:rolleyes::mad: Indoor ski area - yea, just what's needed. You wanna ski? - drive to the freakin' mountains. What we really need are more golf courses so they can fertilize the krap out of them so it leaches into the ground water and flies into the air so we get more Cancer cases and so that it causes havic with people with alergies. Either that or more Home Depot's and CVS's at every street corner. Anyone of these mental giants think about leaving the area(s) wooded? Why do we have to pave over everything? If I wanted to live in the freakin' city, I'd move there. How about leaving some trees, grass and stuff. Levy is FOS like every other politian. He did an about face on this motorsports park deal. Racing died on Long Island when the Bridgehampton track closed and all that's left now are memories. Bridgehampton could (but can't now cause the're all hypocrites) have done what Watkins Glen does with Vintage racing. Apparently they don't need any more money for business cause of all the big shots out there that don't like noise. Hello - the track was there in the 50's before you move there AH. Sorta like the AH's that move near an airport and say it's too noisy.
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I am having trouble opening the link to sign on. Is it just me?
My .02

I say keep Riverhead/Calverton as :cool: as it is now and pave Shelter Island for a road course - nothing goes on there anyway. This might then again bring road racing back into the area.
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"nothing goes on there anyway"
How true -- and just the way we like it. Keeps the louts with Corvettes out.
:rolleyes:What's the earliest ferry over there. Lets say 4am with side pipes uncorked.:cool:
The only thing we uncork on the island comes from Bordeaux not Bowling Green. :)
I signed and forwarded it on.
Thanks for signing
Pass it on to other clubs
Are you going to bridgehampton run ?
Off to sunny Seattle, alas, to see the in-laws.
Am I correct that the latest news on this project that it was approved by the Riverhead board:rolleyes:
The onlything being built around Riverhead are mini malls. Just what we need, more Chilis, and Linens n' Things. Just like they are going to do where the Riverhead Raceway was. Tell me Long Island won't be poorer for not having School Bus Demolition derby. It's just sad.
:confused:RR is gone now:eek:. How'd they sneak that by me:mad:. *astards.


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Woops. I could be wrong. I saw an article last summer in the Suffolk Times about it. Yet their website is still up. Here's hoping!
Woops. I could be wrong.
:confused:precious metal poisoning perhaps :(
Nope. Just a lousy Cab Franc last night.
:mad:gotcha. Quality wise, while not a Ch. Margaux, may I suggest:

Raphael 2002 La Fontana

North Fork, Long Island $20.00 (available for $15 at Bottles and Cases)


Tasting Notes:
The La Fontana is blended from wines that were not selected for inclusion in our First Label Merlot. All grapes hand harvested, sorted and fermented in closed top vessels with daily pump-overs. The 2002 vintage is dense and jammy yet supple, with traces of dark fruit and toasty oak. Petit Verdot makes its first appearance in this blend complimenting the earthy plum and black current aromatics of the Merlot with hints of violets and pepper. Cabernet Franc adds minty aromatics to round out the chewy tannic structure and dense mouth feel. A delicious red wine made in the tradition of Pomerol and our first red released from the extraordinary 2002 vintage.

Vintage Notes:
The 2002 vintage was among the warmest ever recorded on Long Island. The weather started off warm in the spring and continued through the fall. Sandy loam soil predominates the area of this young merlot planting. Average age of the vines was 3-4 years old. The latest in a series of three outstanding Long Island vintages in a row.

Technical Notes:
Appellation: North Fork, Long Island
Varietal: 85% Merlot, 10% Cabernet Franc 5% Petit Verdot
Winemaker: Richard Olsen-Harbich
Enologist: Paul Pontallier
Aged: French oak and Stainless Steel

Harvest: 100% Hand Harvested from 10/26 through 11/5 2002
Brix: 22.0
pH: 3.75
TA: 5.5 g/L

it's not too bad IMO.:)
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lowmileage and silverspider,

There is an easy solution to your problems. Move to Northwestern Connecticut like I did.
And cause a decrease in your property values :confused:, not me:).

Good to hear from you Bob - Happy New Year
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