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Wanted to share this article/slide show that came across my feed in case anyone hadn't seen it. The rest of the photos are totally worth viewing.

You can see the whole thing at Incredible Alfa Romeo barn-find haul

Philadelphia’s Milanese marvels
To find one Alfa Romeo that has been stored for more than 40 years is unusual, but to unearth five untouched Milanese classics is particularly special.

That is exactly what happened to the team from dealer LBI Limited of Philadelphia, USA (Instagram: @lbilimited).
“We received a tip-off from a friend over a year ago about some old Alfa Romeos lying in a barn located in central Pennsylvania,” says LBI’s Adolfo Massari.

“It was a collection of five Alfas in which three of them were sealed in a lean-to type of barn. This building had been constructed specifically to entomb these cars.”
A few picks from the 38 photos.




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Wow, that Alfetta ANSA rear exhaust rusted out so badly that one of the two pipes simply dropped off!
This "tomb" reminds me of stories of how Italians hid cars from the Germans during the war by building fake walls with cars hidden inside.

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The white spider is a Euro version as it has the front turn signals on the fenders and Euro tail lights as best I can see. The rust looks bad.
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