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MSD 6AL Racing or street ignition

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I am selling (2) MSD 6AL units. Along with them I will supply a good number of the rev limit chips in a handy dandy storage box from Jegs.

$220 for all

Cheap. What's the catch? (There's always a catch)

Both of the ignition systems have their wires cut at about 8 to 10 inches from the box. Why you ask? My car was racing in an end of days rainstorm in Sebring Fla. Something shorted and the motor stopped. The next morning I dyked out the old MSD and put in my spare with crimp on sleeves and I was back in business. Heres a clip of the car in action.

They both work fine. One is in my 1972 Berlina vintage race car right now. The other just returned from MSD after being repaired by them.
Both used, both good. The revs chips are in the ball park of 5000 to 7500 RPM.

Buy them both, use one as a spare, or sell it to recoup the expense.

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Greg, I'll take them. I have 2 Berlinas....
Greg, I'll take them. I have 2 Berlinas....
OK, give me a day or two to get the one unit out of the Berlina. The other is ready to go, as are the rev limit chips.

PM me and I will give you my PayPal or other payment info.

You got a good deal, each unit retails over 200. Plus the rev chips go for $32 for 5 of them. I'm surprised I didn't get more bites.


Price reduction: Send me a check for $210, I'll ship them for free. I'll ship today, trust you to send a check.

Looks like 14 rev limit chips. Good luck.
Thanks Greg! I'll get the check out in tomorrow's mail.
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