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Moving to Germany...Should/Can I bring the Milano?

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Requesting information what is required. Are there smog and safety inspections?


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Maybe the best thing is to visit this link: 'Das Alfa Romeo Transaxle Forum' :: Index -Really strong German transaxle forum.

We might even meet..? :) Some of them are visiting Croatian transaxle tour - June 2011. :cool:
Germany has ADAC safety testing, which covers brakes, chassis etc, not sure if that annual, it probably is. 'smog' testing.. worry not, as long as your milano is running OK, there is no way a US car would fail anything, the rules over here a much less constrictive! ENJOY THE AUTOBAHNS!!!!!!
MaP Support - Importing a Car into Germany

this could be helpful, it talks a lot about importing new cars, regarding tax and such, but there is a section explaining the testing and a bit about licenses and registering the vehicle. This is a little out of date since it still shows DM as the currency, which it isn't!
Thanks for the info Gentlemen!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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