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I received a 'coffee-table" book for Christmas: "Convertibles; History & Evolution of Dream cars" ( Guzzardi & Rizzo, 1998). It includes a modest reference to the 2600 Spider, but most notably a photo taken from 1965 movie 'The Battle of the Villa Fiorita' showing co-stars Maureen O'Hara and Rossano Brazzi in the car.

This movie seems to have been missed by and I've never seen a 2600 related reference to the movie previously. I did find a pic from it on, meaning that the car appeared in some promotional material.

Has anybody seen the flick? I wonder how prominent the car is in the movie.


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Here are the latest listings on ebay...'The+Battle+of+the+Villa+Fiorita'&rt=nc

I just bought a lobby card of the picture above.

Hot bidding going on for the 16mm film version.

Check out the one pic with the left side phare where a side view mirror usually is !

Looks like it was available in other titles.

Also Known As (AKA)
Accadde un'estate Italy
Affair at the Villa Fiorita (undefined)
Bataille de la Villa Fiorita, La France
Escándalo en Villa Fiorita Spain
Italialainen intermezzo Finland
Kampf in der Villa Fiorita West Germany
Kom tilbage, mor Denmark
Radevou sti villa Fiorita Greece

I can't find any info on whether it was available on DVD or VHS.

Bruce Toski
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