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Mousey Story

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Well its starting to get cooler here in upstate New York and the rodents are looking for warm places to live. I have had a devil of a time keeping them out of my 95 LS. I don't know why, but they love that car. I also see signs of infestation in my spider, and the fuel gauge just died in that car, which probably means someone ate the wire from the sender to the gauge.

For the spider, which is not a daily driver, ordinary rat poison will do. But what about the LS, which I drive to work every day? I didn't want rat poison rolling around in my trunk, especially since I have small children.

I found this great product which electrocutes them:

I wasn't really sure it would work, but decided to take a chance. Sure enough, after work today (less than 24 hours) the light was flashing and a small tail was sticking out the back. I dumped the body and reset it, as there may be more.

If you get one and stop at a service station to dispose of a dead mouse, be sure to hold the battery door while you shake him out. Otherwise the door may fly into the trash with the dead mouse and your batteries. Anyone need to know how I know this?

Rex in Albany
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I have seen these devices and hear they work very well, and from what you describe they indeed do. Keep us posted on any more "mouse tails!"
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