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I have an issue with my fuel pump relay not being grounded by the ecu in order for the relay to close. The car runs fine when hotwiring the fuel pump so that tells me most systems work good enough for the ecu to function. I have been reading several threads on various forums, but I’m no good at reading the circuit board diagrams I found so I can’t figure out what conditions will render the ecu to ground the FP relay. It doesn’t even prime it. I also did the troubleshooting steps from the workshop manual possible without using the AR special diagnosing tool and found no anomalies. The ecu itself is what I can see in absolutely pristine condition and as the car has been daylied I wonder if it was maybe replaced. It’s definitely the correct one though. I’m truly out of my league so please help me AlfaBB, you’re my only hope. I would rather not hotwire the pump to an ignition triggered power source as that might drain the battery or cause other unexpected harm.

Thanks in advance, any comments are truly appreciated!
Sincerely, a young Alfisti
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