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Motronic Lampa Codes

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There are 2 Lampa codes...1223 and 1224. What is the difference between. The 164B shows 1224, the 164S shows 1223. I'll start looking for air leaks, but am interested in knowing if there are more details on which each means.
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G'Day Richard,

The heated lambda probe regulator inner adjuster reaches the minimum or the maximum value of correction.

1. The heated lambda probe transmits to the control unit a tension 1.009V or <0.0928V.
2. The heated lambda probe malfunction persists for more than 2.5 sec.

I have always read these as:

1223, ECU complaining that it has tried altering the mixture within the limits allowed by its designers but it has been unable to get acceptable output from the O2 (Lamda) sensor.

This would indicate either a mixture problem (air leak or fuel pressure or injectors stuck or blocked) or a problem with the O2 sensor. But most likely an air leak.

1224, The O2 sensor output is behaving in such a way as to suggest failure.

1223 can turn into 1224 if left too long. That is a mixture problem can kill an O2 sensor.
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I had a CEL lately and the engine shut down a few minutes later.
Thanks to Alfisto Steve, I learned of the Motronic Diagnosis and performed the procedure and received the 1-2-2-3 code.
Would that problem shut down the engine? By the way I was able to restart the car and drive on after a couple of hours.
Unlikely the 1223 code would shutdown the engine, rather it resets the ECU to a preset map to by pass the oxygen sensor. It is a rich setting. Car may seem to run well, but mileage will suffer.
Richard2 - thanks, I didn't think they were related but wanted to check.
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