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I've been reading through all of the guibo/driveshaft threads that I could find, and I'm left with a couple of questions.

She's a '76 Alfetta sedan.
What's the difference between the early shafts and later? I have two spares, and I have no idea which they are. I saw references to the early shafts having a spherical bearing at the front, and later not, but nothing concrete. Can I tell which is in the car without dropping it?( oh please, oh please). Both spares have the cylindrical 'bushing' at the front, with the coil spring inside. No sign of a spherical bearing that I can see. I need to do the guibos, and I have no idea which versions to search for.
As well, will both shaft versions fit the same front flywheel?
Can I swap newer shaft for older assuming that I bring the clutch yoke along and the center bearing is healthy? (it is).

I had her off the ground this morning, and other puzzles appeared.
Should the bellhousing motormount be symmetrical side-to-side? The installed one is, but the others they had at ralli-round had one arm longer than the other. I assume that the mount arm should be level with the ground, which mine is not. I can't find a picture, so I have no idea.

Eamon Stanley
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