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Most likely an early 1600 head

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Clearing out 40 years of accumulated ALFA parts. This offering is for a used head that is likely an early 105 1600 head, but I am unable to conclusively identify -- perhaps someone on this BB can provide some clues.

The only mark on the front casting is the alpha-in-circle. The lozenge-shaped area below (where the part no. is usually found) is blank; it looks more like there never was a model no. cast in rather than it having been ground off (I have seen this in other 1600 heads).

While there is the appearance of two partial holes along the valve-cover mating surface (as used on later105 heads), the edges of this surface don't look like the nubs had been ground off, rather that a previous owner hogged-out a couple of slots to gain the benefits of the later valve cover design.

The rear has a raised "square"-in-circle associated with 1600 heads, but I am used to seeing that on the front.

Overall, the casting looks rough - not through misuse but more like a prototype or early sand casting. Not sure what to look for there. Overall very clean.

The pistons and combustion chamber surfaces look great, and there is a full set of cam journal caps numbered 1 - 6 (but the stamped number on #3 looks different from the rest). There is no measurable warping and no obvious signs of milling. I measure the head height to be 111.0 mm (4.370") - close to, but possibly slightly over that of a 1300 (101, 105) veloce which Centerline gives at 4.350" = 110.49 mm, and significantly taller than a 750 1300. Does that make it a candidate for a shaved 1300 (101, 105) normale or 105 1600, which should be 0.040" taller?

I measure the ID of the hemispherical combustion chamber at 77 mm, which looks like the original dome (1300 GTA or 1600?) The exhaust valve faces are 36.5 mm in diameter with a small dimple in the center; the intake valve faces are 41.3 mm in diameter with a concave center.

Finally, the intake ports where mating to the carbs are 34 mm x 44 mm ovals; the exhaust ports where mating to the headers, 34 mm x 41 mm ovals.

Head weighs about 35 lbs and is available for pick up in Washington, DC or shipping from US zip 20003. Asking $250 plus shipping - OBO.

I have three sets of 1600 cams (P/Ns 105 20 03200 00; 105 02 03 200; and one with no casting numbers) and would include one set (buyers choice) for an additional $50.


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