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Scott M's record setting Montreal that sold in Arizona had a set of rubber hood bumpers. These were missing from the Blue Montreal so I inquired with Giorgio about them a few weeks ago. Yesterday a package arrived from Giorgio in Italy with two sets of hood bumpers.
New Hood Bumpers 1.jpg

The installation was easy; with a pair of wire cutters I cut away the small washer from the old rivet.
Rivet removal for hood bumper 2.jpg

Next the new bumper was placed over the hood release so that the holes lined up and the new pin and washer were installed and crimped with a pair of slip jaw pliers.
hood bumper pliars 3.jpg

The entire installation required only about 5 minutes but left me with the feeling of accomplishment that lasted all night!.
bumper installed 4.jpg

Well that's what I get for being a wise guy and calling this a 'highly technical' installation. Apparently the bumper should really go on the other way so that the hood rests on the bumper, the way Marecllo designed it to. Not a big deal but you might as well get it right...
Hood latch.jpeg

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