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Montreal for sale?

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Does anyone know of a Montreal for sale?

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Theres one on Craigslist Bay Area right now. Seems like a decent deal.
Perfect - thanks. Is that a decent price for a Montreal without A/C?

A little high perhaps, however the overall condition of each one those cars is so critically variable, that it makes them very difficult to compare. Any fixing of flaws is so expensive that you pretty much have to find one whose flaws you can live with, else you wind up seriously upside down. If this one is otherwise as mechanically sound as it is represented, it may be a much better deal than one that appears clean, has A/C, is about the same money, but will soon need MAJOR service.

Good luck!!
Thanks for the advice. I will be getting the receipts tomorrow on what was done in the past 18 years since he has owned it.

What would constitute a 'major' repair? Engine rebuild? Transmission? Are there mechanics around that would be able to tell what was wrong with the car given how few of them there are?

Also, does anyone have the interior dimensions (head/leg room, etc) of the Montreal?

Bob Bartel at Black Barts Emporium is selling his car. On the interior dimensions, I'm 5'11" and can still move my seat back one or two more positions. I have no problems with the interior cabin being small even after driving to the Columbus, Nashville, and most recently the Detroit convention. This photo is from the Waterford Hills time trial. Good luck with your pursuits. If you have any other questions PM me and I'll give you my number. Peter.


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What would constitute a 'major' repair? Engine rebuild? Transmission?

Are there mechanics around that would be able to tell what was wrong with the car given how few of them there are?
Just off the top of my head: Spica repair. The Montreal has a unique 8 cylinder Spica pump. Here's another: Refurbishing the interior. Serious body work. My understanding is that the engine itself is pretty straightforward, although it is not precisely two Nords joined at the hip either. I don't know about the tranny - might be pretty hard to find (read "expensive") parts. It's not as bad as a Ferrari, but it is def. up a category or two from a regular Alfa.

Where do you live?
I live in Dallas - the Montreal is in LA.

I am planning on going to the Italian car show in about a week here in North Texas.
I have heard great things about Garcia Alfa Racing in Houston. I would talk to them.
Pay attention to the water pump, too

I have been told water pumps are problematic, and are a major repair, as they're chain-driven off of the crank (internally). I've never owned one, so this advice may be FOS, but I've heard it from more than one source, for whatever that is worth.
I think there is one is Alfa owner mag. for sale on Long Island (NY) for $26,500.
There will be a Montreal at ItalianCarFest next week. I know the car is not for sale, but it would be a good chance to connect with the owner.

Where in Dallas?
I am in Flower Mound and plan on attending the GrapeFest next Saturday. I have never been, but it looks like fun.

There is one in Hemnings. Its in Ft. Liquordale. Best bring a gun!
The one in FL. is probably Barts. If you are serious about looking for a car obviously look for one thats most complete. I wouldn,t shy away from one that has some needs as long as its not too needy, as parts are readily available, you just have to know where to look. Also, don't just look here in the US, I bought my last Montreal from Switzerland in '01, importation is a breeze as EPA and DOT laws do not apply as the car is over 25yrs old. Its true that the water pump has a bad rap but once its done correctly you really shouldn't have to worry about it, and now owners have reported that it can be replaced with the motor in the car. The motor and tranny is very solid and robust and you can take it up to 7 grand without worry, just ask anyone who was at the time trials this year in Detroit, I was pulling 7000 at the end of the straight in 4th. Came in 3rd in C class too. The brakes are a little week but upgrades are available and also inexpensive, again you have to ask the right people. The suspension is all 105 so modifications are easy and cost the same for a GTV or Spider.
There are a lot of people who just knock the Montreal as an overweight, costly, high mantainance money pit but thats certainly not true, they are trully very reliable, my guess is that they have never owned or driven one and just hear horror stories from owners that don't know how to maintain or tune them correctly. If your serious about the car go on Bruces' Montreal website. There is a wealth of information on that site that will answer any question you have about this particular car and they have their own forum so you can contact real Montreal owners with real knowledge and forsight instead of people just flapping their gums. Good luck with your search. Drop me a PM if you need anything. Peter.
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... off topic, slightly (sorry) - Peter, your car is off the hook. I saw the pics in the AROC magazine.

The blue Montreal looks amazing (What is the color, by the way?). I absolutely love it. Thanks for sharing your stories and opinions.

... and let me know if you want to sell (That's the ONE you should get ... :)

I haven't received my copy yet can't wait to see it. The color is Lemans Blue and sorry this car will never be for sale as it will be my sons.
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