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yep, almost road ready. Washed off any oil crud underneath, mostly to be sure there are no leaks. My at-home oil change was a no-no as I couldn't get the filter off (wrong type of wrench) so that will be later this week. Still no idea where the live brown-green live 12v wire dangling near the starter goes so capped off to prevent any shorting... although if that pops a fuse, might help figure out which system it belongs to.
Still have to replace firewall, wiper system and that should be all minus a few small odds and ends including the whiff of exhaust in the cabin but I am hoping that replacing the firewall and gasket will cure that (new flex pipes put on but the quality of the weld was poor and there were some pinholes that I have tried to seal with exhaust putty. Will likely have re-welded.
Dismayed to find some seam rust under the rear pass door at the frame (hidden by the door but at the seam in front of the wheel). This seems to be a common area for the 164 as I have seen a few with problems here and at the jack point.
Put the Momo wheels on and looks pretty snazzy.

Picture attached.

Have yourselves a good week.


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