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I'm currently modifying a Twin Spark 2.0 8v engine to go in my junior.

To date we've knife edged the crank, done a 10thou grind, faced and lightened the flywheel, shot peened the rods and balanced the whole lot up including crank pulley.

I'm now considering how to build up the rest of the engine. The intention is to make it into a track engine with occasional road use - I'd like 180bhp+. I don't mind if there is not much torque below 3000rpm.

My current thinking is to use the JE 85mm forged pistons with the standard, shot peened balanced rods (stronger on the TS than the Nord) and a non-VVT 13mm cam 300deg cam profile from Cat Cams.

We're also planning to junk the standard injection and convert it to 45mm carbs (seeing as I already have these) and move to 3D mapped ignition with coil packs to create the sparks.

In the head we'd like to do some light porting and add new profiled valve inserts (as per Jim K book) but nothing too radical.

I'll add a decent tubular SS exhaust headers and system to this.

Does anyone have any comments on this setup, any of the components and the likely results?

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