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so its bein 5-6 years since I looked at my alfa because of life, marriage, devorce, children, work and just a lot in general. now Ive come back to her again but this time ive managed to lose some parts. I was woundering if anyone could help out. below is a list of parts.

1.5 8v flat 4

.the washer that goes between the timing belts
.timing belt covers

ive also forgotten how all the vaccum lines run/if I need any

so far this motor has cost me $4000 au. it is fully balanced, ford mazda fe pistons with custom gudgeons. the heads have being rewelded surfaced and had the manifolds match ported. im going to run 40idfs(If I remember correctly) and a mega squirt for ignition. things id like to do in the future are. exhaust with note, regrind cams, and design/build some alloy cold air ****s for my filters.

if you could help id really appreciate it.
thanks Cameron queensland Australia.
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