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Trying to restore a 1971 GTV 1750 that previous owner had stripped down in a failed track car conversion. Looking for:

1. Rear seat
2. Complete console
3. Dash trim
4. Steering wheel
5. Steering wheel column trim
6. Dash vent louvers
7. Fuel injection system air intake and accessories
8. Tail lights
9. Front turn lights
10. Visors
11. Windshield trim for rubber gasket type installation
12. Hubcaps


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Hi Tom,

I've got one of those too! A '73 GTV that was basically a solid shell from an abandoned track project. I've parted out a couple of GTV's over the years and had most of the parts needed and a few extras. Very slowly putting in/on the needed parts. I'm sure I have a steering wheel and shroud and probably the dash vents and Spica intake. I'll check tomorrow and send you a PM with my asking price. I believe Centerline carries reproduction windshield trim. Good luck!

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And I may be able to hook you up with the rear seat, consoles and taillights. Where are you located?
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