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I bought this car on the alfabb a few years ago and I have been using it as a commuter. It has 238k on the odometer.
While I have had the car I have done the following maintenance/repairs:
  • installed rebuilt alternator
  • replaced rear muffler
  • replaced timing belt/water pump
  • installed rebuilt rear calipers
  • replaced some driveshaft giubos with good used ones
  • replaced rear seats with (bettter condition) used Recaros
The good:
  • passed smog in December and is registered
  • reliable driver
  • interior is in decent to good condition
  • lazy tach
  • heater valve cable broken
  • power steering belt removed. Has leaky hose to pump. I have a used hose I will include with the car.
  • ARC lights blink randomly
  • A/C belt disconnected, I assume A/C does not work at this point
  • LEDs on fuel/temp/oil pressure gauges sometimes illuminate for no reason
  • Wipers do not park automatically when turned off, so must be turned off when down
  • Green headlight indicator on dash does not illuminate (but headlights function properly)
  • Turn signals do not automatically cancel when steering wheel is straightened
  • ABS wheel sensors faulty, so ABS function is disabled (but brakes work fine)
  • Paint oxidized badly on hood, roof, trunk
  • Front passenger and rear driver windows operate very slowly or not at all
  • Mismatched keys for door locks and ignition
In the photos, the car has mismatched wheels, because I am using the wheels I have with the best tires on them. But the car will come with five
"Verde" wheels, matching the wheels currently on the rear of the car. The tires on three of these wheels are very worn. If the buyer would rather,
I can instead include five matching wheels like the ones currently on the front of the car.










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Where's the windshield washer tank lol?

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I jumped in this very quickly, rented a one way car from reno to San Jose and bought with me four new tires for the 250 mile drive back to reno. Started right up, and drove the interstates home at between 70-80mph including the climb up and over 7100ft Donner Pass, cranking up from near sea level in San Jose up and down to Reno. Not back for a 237k engine and tranny. 10 gallons at 25mpg! Needs a cleanup inside and out, sand and repair the oxided areas, probably replace all suspension bushings, and the usual spark plugs, all fluids, bleed brakes, tranny oil. And as a bonus, the radio and the pop up antanae works!
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