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Milano THUMP on take off...

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A guy left his black Milano Verde at my house so it could be detailed, when I pulled it into the garage it thumps underneath when you pull forward. Usually just one thump....any ideas I could check fairly quickly? Tranny mount maybe?

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trany mount or the bolts that hold the mount
also if the CVs on half-shafts are in bad shape.
My exhaust hits the fuel tank sometimes.
Bushing in the front pivot point of the de-Dion or the right gearbox mount.
Center bushing

outta line? You know, the 'disc' with the little pilot. That's what's up with mine, but it thumps more than once. And, the Old Dude used to run the hell out of that car...;) that I've actually driven the car!

Does this help narrow down the possibilities?

Thump happens on initial take off, then when shifting gears it'll thump once when the clutch is pressed in.....change gear......let clutch back up and it'll thump one to three times. I can see the gear lever move either left or right at each thump!

Car runs great otherwise! Milano Verdes are pretty sweet....kicks my poor Spiders butt in the torque/speed department!!

I guess that's what 2 extra cylinders will do for ya.............:cool:

So? Does that describe anything exactly?? Or is it just one of the above possible sources??


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Sounds like the owner ought to look at the front trans mounts (next to the clutch). There is also an adjustable "bumper that you can screw in or out to adjust the amount of play (between the trans and the undercarriage).
I felt something similar when my 89' Milano had spit a chunk of the front guibo(donut) out. I would get 1 clunk upon initially starting it, then another shutting it down. I hope that’s not the case:(! Ended up replacing exhaust cat-back since it had to be dropped for access, as well as shifter bushings which made a BIG difference.
Without looking I would say Guibo or rear transaxle bushing. I have had both fail and replaced them (at different times).
DeDion bushing

When my front DeDion bushing was shot to hell it behaved very like you describe.
My 2cent worth (that's Euro cent, not that foreign muck :D )
(ducks and runs for cover)

It sounds like one of the drive shaft donuts to me. My 87 had the sound you describe. I ended replacing all three of them.
When my front DeDion bushing was shot to hell it behaved very like you describe.
My 2cent worth (that's Euro cent, not that foreign muck :D )
(ducks and runs for cover)


I hope you're right...I don't want to mess with driveshaft donuts!!

What I really want is some of your beer!!!!:eek:

FWIW my 1987 ALFA Milano silver has this weird clunk on takeup.

I assume there is some missing rubber somewhere. Suspension
or transmission bushing of some sort.
When I had my trans out of my 88 Verde, I could see where the rear donut would rub/hit against the top of the undercarriage, I went to adjust the bumber, but I think mine is broken, bottom part is there, but no way to adjust it from inside... I don't have a thump, except when first backing up. New mounts all around.
It seems you have jinxed me.

On my way back from work today my GTV6 started doing the exact same thing. :(
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