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The replacement hose is Gates 24713. You throw out most of the hose as you only want the 45deg bend part. It seems to be available everywhere, but I got it thru Amazon, in order to justify my Prime fees!!
I changed the "slightly cracked" fuel filler hose on the Milano. That's the large hose from the fuel filler inlet to the fuel tank.
The slight small of gas was getting stronger and when I pulled back the formed carpet cover I found fuel was leaking.
Easy project. Hardest part was undoing the 2 OEM hose clamps with shakey fingers on a screwdriver.
The Gates hose ID is a little bigger but new hose clamps tightened up so that nothing leaks. You can make installation easier if you loosen the fuel filler inlet which is attached to the car by a big plasic nut on the inside. Mine was finger tight but a gentle tap with a screwdriver should loosen it up if necessary. There is an exterior gasket that will probably crumble out when you do this. Anybody know of a replacement? I did not want to completely remove it and the remains of my gasket were OK.
Oh, watch for the 2 other hoses attached to the fuel filler. 1 is the overflow drain hose that exits out the bottom of the trunk, and the other is the "vapor hose" that routes back to the tank.
Here is a pic of the old hose. Looks good??? It just leaked a little . . . . the rough stuff on the lower left is the black goop and duct tape I applied while waiting
for the new hose to arrive.
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We had to replace the filler hose in our 89 Milano, as it let vapors through and stink up the car insides. Replaced it with a generic Goodyear guaranteed gas impermeable hose, with no problems. No gas fumes since. Been years now.
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